Detailed list of benefits

Here you will find a detailed list of benefits provided by EUROPE-CARE.

Health insurance benefits

The following expenses are reimbursed:

1. For outpatient treatment 100% of:

  • 1.1 physicians' services;
  • 1.2 drugs and surgical dressings;
  • 1.3 appliances for the attachment of body parts as required by the treatment and walking support devices as prescribed by a physician as well as the following appliances insofar as they are required as a consequence of an accident:
  • 1.3.1 optical appliances up to € 150;
  • 1.3.2 wheelchairs up to € 675;
  • 1.3.3 orthopaedic shoes 100% after deduction of a € 75 per insured event;
  • 1.3.4 bandages, orthopaedic inserts, rubber stockings, artificial limbs, artificial larynges, hearing aids and supports 100%;
  • 1.4 radiation, heat, light and any kind of physical treatment prescribed by a physician up to 100%;
  • 1.5 radiology;
  • 1.6 traveling expenses of the nearest available physician.

Expenses for outpatient psychotherapy are not reimbursable.

2. For inpatient treatment, 100% of the expenses for:

  • 2.1 physicians' services, accommodation, meals and care in hospital.

In case of treatment in the Federal Republic of Germany, the following expenses are exclusively reimbursed:

  • 2.1.1 general hospital services;
  • 2.1.2 services of a general practitioner attending hospital patients (Belegarzt);
  • 2.2 medically necessary transport to and from the hospital up to a distance of 100 km in each direction. If a hospital equipped to provide the medically necessary treatment is unavailable within this radius, the expenses for transport to and from the nearest suitable hospital are reimbursable.
  • 2.3 In case of inpatient treatment abroad, the insured can contact the insurer, who shall procure an assessment of the treatment locally and especially close personal attention to the insured events. In case of a duty to indemnify, the invoices can be settled directly at the place of treatment.

Expenses for inpatient psychotherapy are not reimbursable.

3. For treatment by a dentist, the expenses for:

  • 3.1 dental treatment and simple dental fillings including tooth extraction to relieve acute pain as well as the simple repair of dental prosthesis 100%;
  • 3.2 dentures, inlays and all types of crown in case of an insured event arising from an accident, in each case including the dentist's fee for said measures 80%, subject to the maximum amount of € 2,500 per insured event.

4. For transport

  • 4.1 The additional cost of medically necessary repatriation prescribed by a physician if adequate medical treatment cannot be warranted at the place of sojourn or within a reasonable distance, so that an impairment of health is to be expected, or if, in view of the type and severity of the illness or consequences of an accident, the medically necessary inpatient treatment would exceed a period of two weeks, 100%.
    The insured person is to be repatriated to the country from which he moved abroad or to the Federal Republic of Germany.
    Consideration shall be given only to means of transport in which special provisions are made for the medical supervision of patients.
    Additional costs are those arising for repatriation because of the occurrence of an insured event. The return journey costs that would have arisen in case of normal travel are deducted from the repatriation costs insofar as the insured person is entitled to reimbursement of the additional costs.
  • 4.2 The necessary cost of repatriating insured children under 16 years old insofar as all accompanying adults also insured under this tariff have been or are being repatriated or have died: 100%, subject to a maximum amount of € 5,000. The necessary costs shall include the cost of traveling in the common class of a regular means of transport, including the necessary accommodation costs and the relevant outward and return travel costs of one accompanying person.
  • 4.3 The cost of transporting banked blood abroad if medically required there for an operation and the banked blood available there is likely to cause infection 100%.

5. In case of death

  • 5.1 The necessary cost of transport to the deceased's place of residence or abode or native country 100%, subject to a maximum amount of € 10,000;
  • 5.2 the cost of burial abroad 100%, subject to a maximum amount of € 10,000.

You will find a full description of benefits and benefit exclusions in the General Insurance Conditions (German).

Benefits based on prior agreement or approval

In some cases, a medical costs projection is a necessary precondition for a 100% reimbursement of the reimbursable treatment expenses. You must provide us with a medical costs projection prior to the planned treatment in the following cases:

Outpatient treatment:

  • diagnostic radiology methods that exceed the scope of conventional x-ray diagnostics (such as computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging and scintigraphy);
  • allergy tests.

Dental treatment:

  • treatment of more than two teeth during the insurance period;
  • periodontal treatment;
  • treatments with an estimated cost range of more than € 250.

Without our written approval of the medical costs projection, the reimbursement of the above named benefits is limited to 50% of the reimbursable costs.

Liability insurance benefits

Our insurance policy EUROPE-CARE includes full personal liability insurance for the insured person.

Personal liability insurance coverage only applies if the insured person is not sufficiently covered by other insurance policies (subsidiary coverage).

Damages to motor vehicles caused by the usage of such vehicles are excluded from insurance coverage.

Sums insured in liability insurance

Sum insured
Bodily injuries and property damage
€ 1,000,000

You will find a full description of benefits and benefit exclusions in the Liability Insurance Conditions (German).

Accident insurance benefits

EUROPE-CARE provides the following accident insurance benefits:

Sums insured in accident insurance

Sum insured
Payment in the event of death
€ 10,000
Payment in the event of 100% accidental disability
€ 67,500
Disability benefit
€ 30,000
Increase in the sum insured in proportion to the degree of disability
Rescue and salvage charges
€ 3,000
Plastic surgery
€ 3,000

You will find a full description of benefits and benefit exclusions in the Accident Insurance Conditions (German).

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